Allied Scholarship Form

Thank you for your interest in Interior Designers of Idaho’s Allied Member Scholarship. We look forward to getting to know about you, your educational and professional goals, and why you are interested in working towards taking the NCIDQ Exams.

Purpose: To assist Allied Members with study materials OR course costs for the NCIDQ Prep Course.

Scholarship Amount: $150

Application Due: November 1st

Scholarship Awarded: November 20th

Applicant Requirements:

  1. Current Allied Member status.

  2. Letter of intent on why you, the applicant, would like to take the NCIDQ Prep Course/Take the NCIDQ Exams.

  3. Email us 1 letter of recommendation from your official NCIDQ Sponsor/Mentor (logged into the CIDQ website, where the applicant would apply to take the exams.)
    Emails can be sent to:

***NOTE: Applicants will not be contacted by IDI, requesting that the letter of recommendation be sent. It is the responsibility of the applicant to email this item to IDI, outside of this application form.

Name *
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Are you a current Allied Member of IDI? *
If you are not, please email us to find out how you can become an Allied Member and/or how to become eligible for this scholarship.
Please tell us, in 1 to 2 paragraphs, why you are interested in furthering your career, by working towards NCIDQ exams/certification.
Please tell us where you are at, in your NCIDQ studying process and how this scholarship will assist you preparation.